April 26, 2020
Issue 04 2020

Nasty bill ahead for some locked-down students in Palmerston North halls

Some of the 200 students riding out the Covid-19 lockdown in Massey halls are going to get a nasty surprise bill at the end of their quarantine.

All residents, regardless of if they were living in self-catered accommodation or in an existing meal plan have now been moved to a fully catered meal plan.

Two remaining residents, speaking under condition of anonymity, told Massive that they were “still in the dark” as to whether they were now paying for the extra meals.

“I wish they had asked us before they changed … still not sure if we’re paying for this new meal plan,” said one.

“Apart from the meal plans I’m pretty happy … after I’m done studying, I’ve got my Playstation here,” the other said.

The residents would have preferred better communication from accommodation services.

A Massey spokesperson told Massive that 200 students had chosen to stay and more than 500 had left.

The spokesperson said Massey had taken every opportunity to ensure the remaining students were safe, while still allowing contact with others that lived in the same bubble.

“A catering service is being provided to all students who normally use shared kitchens … a consent form has been sent to all residents asking them to agree to this provision and the additional costs,” said the spokesperson.

When reached for comment about being charged for the changed meal plan, the Massey spokesperson said: “Students should have had discussions with residential staff and/or received a consent form.”