April 6, 2020

MUSA Executive halve rent on MUSA flats during lockdown

The MUSA Executive have passed a motion to reduce rent on the association's Palmerston North flats by 50% of the usual rate for four-weeks of the lockdown period.

There is also a two-week 'no charge' for the flat if a tenant tests positive for COVID-19 while living in the flat.

MUSA President Stefan Biberstein says the plan came internally from both the executive and operations team, while the final decision was passed unanimously by the executive.

"After some details were ironed out and we had a concrete policy in front of us, we took a vote and passed the motion unanimously," he said.

"Process wise, we did need to make sure this was financially feasible for MUSA. Not all landlords will be in the same position, we ask that all tenants and landlords have constructive and positive conversations about how we’ll get through this difficult time.

Once we had a plan and a mandate our property manager was approached to circulate the news to tenants and enact the changes."

The motion was passed electronically on 23rd March and there have been no decisions made yet on whether the rent relief will continue if the lockdown is extended beyond four weeks.

"However, the Executive will meet once we have more official information regarding the duration of the lockdown and make a decision from there," Biberstein said.

“It's always been MUSA's goal to realise the best outcomes for students, we had the ability to provide this rental relief for our tenants, so we did.”