May 8, 2020
Issue 05 2020


The MAWSA Executive has passed the motion to join The New Zealand Union of Students’ Association at the end of April via Zoom conference call. 

NZUSA is a lobbying group that works with the government to enact changes that benefit students. The union pushed the first year fees-free policy, lobbied to increase student loan payment by $50 a week and have recently been demanding the government provide a Covid-19 support package for students. 

MAWSA Student President Jacob Paterson was motivated to join the union because of the extra swaying power it would give when lobbying. 

“We at MAWSA, firmly believe that we as students are better off when we stand united. So that is what we’re doing,” he said. 

“In joining NZUSA, MAWSA is throwing our weight in behind the national student’s movement. Fighting for what our students need on a national level.” 

NZUSA is funded through membership fees, which has been offered to MAWSA at a discounted rate this year of $2,000. 

“That’s money that we’ve put aside in our budget for expenses like this, but student money nonetheless,” Paterson said. 

“We’ll be continuing to consult with our students to ensure that a sustained relationship with NZUSA is something students at Massey Wellington value.”