September 24, 2018
Issue 11 2018

MACs brings communications professionals face-to-face with students

Massey Albany’s Communications Club (MACS) hosted a panel of three industry professionals on the Albany campus earlier this month.

The trio included the national public relations and communications manager from the Child Cancer Foundation, Cherie Reid, as well as Top Self Productions co-partner, director and producer Laurie Clarke.

The Warehouse Group’s recruitment partner Rose Taylor completed the line-up.

Despite their differing professions, the trio agreed that having an open-mind, an enthusiastic attitude and good time management skills is crucial in succeeding in the communications industry.

“It’s all about time management, taking every opportunity that you can to learn something, and making every engagement as professional as you can” Reid said.

Taylor added that “being articulate and putting yourself in other’s shoes” is also important.

The event attracted many people from degrees outside of communications, leading to many questions regarding CVs and job applications.

Clarke told the group that because you see so many CVs, it is nice to see personality creeping through onto the document.

As a recruitment professional, Taylor assured the audience that there really is no perfect CV, so it is best to treat it like your own personal document that truly reflects you as a person.

MACS president Kate Hayhoe was pleased with how this year’s final MACS event went.

“The talk was really insightful with a diverse range of people, so we were happy to put this event on for students.”

The club is now on the lookout for people to fill executive positions for 2019.

For more information on becoming an executive, message the MACS Albany 2018 group on Facebook.