October 8, 2018
Issue 12 2018

Library waffle nights prove popular with students

Massey University’s Christian Fellowship club has come up with a unique and tasty way to help out other students.

Since the beginning of second semester, the club’s executive members have given out fresh waffles to students from the DIY Kai area on the second floor of the Massey Manawatu Library on Tuesday nights.

One of the club leaders Helena Smith says they came up with the idea after brainstorming ways to help out on campus and thought that handing out hot waffles to students buried in assignments in the evening was a great way to help relieve stress for them.

“We were trying to serve our students on campus,” says club treasurer Linda Evers.

“We have handed out hot chocolates at the bus stop to students in the past but wanted to improve on that.”

“We wanted to focus on what students want and need,” says Smith.

“Everyone loves waffles,” says Evers. “Our secretary actually didn’t know what waffles were, so we had to fix that.”

Since the initiative started, eager students have been lining up for waffles regularly each Tuesday night.

“We’ve had lot of responses from students asking us why we’re doing this,” says Evers. “And we get regulars which is pretty cool.”

“People are spreading the word and they’ve been saying the waffles are good.”

Students who wander towards the vending machines in the DIY Kai area will jump at the chance for free waffles instead.  

“The library staff were super accommodating,” says Smith.  

“They loved the idea, we just have to make sure we clean up after ourselves,” says Evers.

Leader Hannah Geuze says this is a practical and fun way to show people what their club is about: “serving God and serving others.”

“Hopefully the waffle nights become a tradition.”

Currently the funding for the waffles is coming out of the club executive’s pockets, says Evers.

“If the waffles continue to be a success we’re considering putting out a donation box.”