September 22, 2019
Issue 11 2019

Journalism students produce ‘Massive’ new podcast

Journalism students Johnny King and Manutea Faure have released the first episodes of ‘Massive Podcast’ on Spotify and the Massive Magazine website.

The pair principally focus on student related topics, but also report on sports events and local news.

Including interviews from other students and funny anecdotes by the hosts, the Massive podcast aims to be both entertaining and informative.

In each episode, the pair provides valuable insights to their peers, from nice restaurants in town to more serious topics like mental health issues or New Zealand’s drinking culture.

To shed more light on their topics, the pair often brings in guests to share their experiences or talk about upcoming events.

One of the podcast’s recent topics was introducing the idea of having big screens available on campus during the Rugby World Cup, so students can gather and meet other people while having fun.

Coming from two different cultures - Kiwi for King and French for Faure - the pair regularly uses their cultural background to discuss and comment on news.

In addition to discussing local news, the podcast also reports on international events, such as the Oktoberfest in Germany.

The podcast originally started as part of their journalism course, but after reflection the pair decided to share their work with a wider audience, including fellow Massey students.

Students can listen to the podcast here: