May 31, 2018
Issue 6 2018

Former top journalism graduate inspires career change

Addressing journalism students on a more personal level made a discussion with Stuff reporter Eleanoa Wenman inspiring enough for some students to rethink career choices after Massey.

Wenman, who graduated top of her postgrad journalism class in 2016, recently spoke to Massey students about life after university.

Her talk inspired public relations student Naomi Pepah, to pursue the journalism experience before heading into public relations later in life.

“Fresh out of uni and straight into the Stuff newsroom, her experience changed my perspective of journalism, and I know it’s challenging, but if she can do it, I can too,” Pepah said.

Wenman began her career as a journalist as a Hutt community news reporter. However, she says she quickly had to learn how to adjust her focus when she was recruited as the Dominion Post reporter based in the Hutt. 

She says this was a fast paced and challenging experience.

“I’ve always thought I’d remain a community reporter, but the quick change meant my focus needed to consider not just the Hutt, but the impact of the story on a wider audience,” says Wenman. 

“My writing needed to be relevant.”

Wenman is now in charge of the community focused Capital Day section of the Dominion Post. 

“This industry is challenging, but it challenges you to the best of your abilities,” says Wenman. 

The open forum with Wenman was coordinated by the Journalism Club at Massey Wellington for students with a journalism major, and extended to interested students in other disciplines.