August 13, 2018
Issue 9 2018

Donate blood and save a life

Every year our campus has a chance to do our bit and help those in need by donating blood.

New Zealand Blood Service’s annual blood drive will be held in the Flax and Fern room on Monday, August 20.

New Zealand Blood Service Donor Recruiter, Rachael Stapleton, says blood donated helps treat cancer patients, accident victims, babies, pregnant women and people with medical conditions.

“If you donate blood, you can go home knowing that you have saved the lives of up to three people,” she says. “You are arriving into uni on a normal day and going home a life saver.”

Stapleton says last year 28 units of blood were collected at Massey and this year the blood service was aiming to collect more.

“Giving blood is a simple act, all we ask for is an hour of your time,” says Stapleton.

She says most people are eligible to donate and a quick visit to the New Zealand blood website can re-assure students about their eligibility.

Stapleton says students should donate because many adults similar in age now lead different lives thanks to donations.

Stapleton encourages all potential donors to download the New Zealand Blood Service app to ease their nerves and learn more about how donation has helped people around the country.

“If you are eligible, then why wouldn’t you want to do something as selfless as this. Even if you are not currently eligible, you can spread the word and encourage your peers to donate,” she says.

Visit for more information.