May 14, 2018
Issue 5 2018

Consider a second-hand wardrobe this winter

Anyone looking for a new wardrobe this winter needn’t look any further than right outside their lecture theatre.

The Environmental Group which is part of the Tū Tira Mai: Practising Engagement paper is organising a clothes swap, which will take place on Wednesday, May 16 at the Plaza on the Albany campus.

As part of the swap, students choose to either donate their preloved clothes and take second-hand items in exchange, donate clothes or just pick up some new items.

Student Georgia Dabrowski is one of five students who has organised the clothes swap.

She says the group hopes to encourage students to consider second-hand clothing to lessen the impact of the fashion industry on the environment.

“It is important to consider second hand and recycled clothing as opposed to brand new clothes due to the excessive amount of resources used and the amount of textile waste produced for producing new items of clothes,” she says.

“Through sourcing second-hand items instead of brand new no new resources are being exploited and as a result there are lesser amounts of clothing waste.”

She says students can get involved by bringing along any clothing items that are still in good condition that they no longer wear to exchange them for other second-hand items.

“Students are also able to donate clothes without taking any in return as well as taking some second-hand clothing without donating.”

Dabrowski says a labelled collection bin can be found at the Albany Students’ Association for any prior donations.

The clothes swap will take place at The Plaza on Wednesday, May 16 from midday to 2pm.