July 30, 2018
Issue 8 2018

Clubs Day gets a revamp

This semester’s Clubs Day upped the ante from previous years with a new location, more activities and new clubs.

The last three Clubs Days were affected by rain, motivating the event’s move to the Recreation Centre’s indoor basketball court.

The increased space allowed for an easy walk through, beginning outside the building with free Tararua chocolate milk, Burger Fuel Samples and the Albany Students’ Association’s (ASA) Burger Barbeque.

Once inside, the spacious set up made it easy to see what each club had to offer, compared to the stalls being cramped and over-crowded when the day was held outside of Student Central.

Because of this, there was also room for a game of basketball, dodgeball and two dancing poles, creating a more engaging and interactive event.

The set up also gave the newer and more unique clubs a chance to shine.

The Massey University Creative Arts Club and Massey University Dungeons and Dragons were among these, both beginning just last year.

The set up made it easier for them to promote their eventful upcoming semesters.

Creative Arts Club are getting ready to enter a wearable arts competition on August 22, where anyone interested in designing or modelling is welcome to participate. 

They will also be welcoming a Red Leap Theatre workshop and a performance of the production Kororāreka to the Albany campus on September 4 and 7.

MU Dungeons and Dragons are looking forward to more game play and organisation following their President’s resignation during last semester.

They are encouraging both pros and beginners to join the club and immerse themselves into the fantasy game that can include from five to 50 people at once. 

Overall, the day was a success for not only the clubs themselves but for student engagement.

For more information about the Massey University Creative Arts Club, Massey University Dungeons and Dragons, or any MU club, head to www.asa.ac.nz/clubs