June 18, 2020
Issue 07 2020

Albany Clubs aim to resume at Level 2

On Wednesday 20th May, ASA hosted a Zoom meeting where all ASA Affiliated Clubs had the chance to speak with the Clubs and Activities Coordinator, the ASA General Manager and some of the ASA’s Student Executives about how their club will continue to operate at Level 2. 

ASA aspires to keep a sense of community alive for students during Level 2. One of the most vital ways that students can feel this sense of community is through their memberships with the association’s affiliated clubs. 

Education Executive Sophie Stone explained that, “Clubs provide a really wide range of services that are super beneficial to students,” along with providing opportunities for socialising, getting general or academic advice, trying something new and being part of a community.

Stone said that it will be in students’ best interests for clubs to continue during Level 2 as being part of a club provides students with a sense of “normalcy and continuation” during this inconsistent time period.  

“I know it's a difficult time right now for everyone – club members included – who often put in heaps of work!” She concluded. “So, I'd encourage students to support their clubs, if they can, by showing up to events and providing feedback about things their club could do that would be of interest to students.”

One club that has been looking for creative ways to keep members engaged is the Albany Movie Club who have taken to hosting Netflix streaming parties. 

“It’s important for clubs to continue trying whatever they can throughout Level 2 because we need to keep our engagement up,” said Movie Club President, Callum Patterson. 

“Movie Club usually does group movie sessions at the local Event Cinemas, but since they're not reopening until films begin to be released again, we've been looking into other options,” he explained. “We are doing some research and have started talking to other clubs from Massey and the Auckland Uni Film Society to try and get some fresh ideas rolling.”

The Tabletop Club has also been operating online by hosting biweekly games of Jackbox over Discord, while the investment club is continuing to host regular meetings.

If you’re interested in joining any club, you can do so by visiting the Albany Student Association’s webpage.