New look for The Pyramid

By Nikki Papatsoumas

Many students may notice a fresh new look for The Pyramid after returning from their mid-semester break.

The Pyramid is a multi-purpose space on Massey’s Wellington campus, used as an area for students to hang out and meet-up. It’s also used for events, conferences, and student days like clubs days, health promotion expos and the volunteer expo.

Project manager for Pukeahu ki Tua Think Differently, Andrea Marsden, says students are excited to finally see a re-vamp of the tired old space ­— something which has been in the pipeline for three years.

She says Facilities Management have worked hard to make the space habitable for students, by adding features such as air conditioning and heating, and the new look is in line with this work.

Shabby picnic tables which were difficult to write on and keep clean have now been replaced with industrial style seats and standing tables. Greenery now brightens up the area.

She says the design is very much a collaboration between students, staff and the Facilities Management team.

“Over the last three years students have also been studying the space and looking at how it’s used by other students.

“We used feedback from Facilities Management because they have a lot of practical needs in the space and integrated this with student ideas to come up with the current concept.”

Marsden says the idea is to keep the furniture “versatile” for future projects.

“It’s a growing, changing thing,” she says.

The space was designed by Cameron Whitfield, a recent Massey University graduate, who says he can relate to the importance of creating zones that allow students to be able to relax and discuss projects.

He says he took this into account when designing the new look space.

“I believe in order to perform creatively you need to have an understanding of what your limitations are and when it’s necessary to take a break,” he says.

“It’s been a privilege to have been involved in this project and I’m happy that I can give something back to the fellow students coming up after me.”


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