New look Daily to hit ‘next level’

By Adam Pearse

Palmerston North’s most popular student nightclub is getting a face lift as The Daily is set to move down the street come July.

Due to earthquake instability, The Daily has been forced into moving but according to owner, Ricky Quirk, this is the beginning of something great for Palmy’s nightlife.

“It’s the next level up from The Daily if you like,” says Quirk.

“We’ve made the dance floor bigger and there’s a hell of a lot more toilets. All the negatives, we’ve tried to address so if they like The Daily now, they are definitely going to like the new one.”

Quirk says with space from the soon-to-be-closed Shooters Bar, The Daily will be much more than just a nightclub.

“What we end up with is a sports bar, two nightclubs, a beer garden, and a cocktail bar under one roof. Once you’re in, you can move around the five different areas.”

Quirk says that the volume and enthusiasm of his younger crowd is pushing away the older clientele but in the new building, they would have a space to themselves.

“At the moment, we do have an older clientele but they can get scared by 10pm when it’s starting to ramp up and that’s not really a scene where they can be.

“They want to stay in the front bar which is the sports bar which could be having a whole different vibe going on while the two nightclubs out the back are going off.”

He says that this problem will be a thing of the past as the new complex will have something for everybody.

“It’s bloody loud inside The Daily, it’s fairly intense, so if people were getting a bit sick of that they might bugger off to another pub where this way they can just go to another bar within this establishment.

“People shouldn’t have to go anywhere else in town because it’s all under one roof.”

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