New grading system means GPA changes

By Taryn Dryfhout

With grade ranges being changed this year, the university has consequently changed its grade point averages (GPA), tightening admission standards to post-graduate programmes and scholarships which require a minimum GPA.

The new system was announced in September of last year, and came into effect in 2017. The new marking scheme made several changes, including the introduction of a C- grade, and changes to the marking range for every grade.

Although the GPA requirement for post-graduate programs hasn’t changed, these grade changes mean that a master’s degree which previously required a ‘B’ average, now requires a standard of work which used to be considered ‘B+’.

Though the programs still require a ‘B’ grade, the new ‘B’ is five per cent higher than it was in 2016, meaning students have to attain a slightly higher standard of work than before.

“The GPA tightening is a bold move on the part of the University. There are students who will feel their postgraduate dreams slipping from their grasp as a result, and for them, this is sad”, says Massey Extramural Students’ Association (EXMSS) President, David McNab.

“However, in the bigger picture, this tightening aims to lift the university onto a more robust academic footing more comparable with the likes of Auckland and Otago universities, which should in turn help to attract a higher level of researchers, teachers, students, industry support and funding.

“All this amounts to a greater ability for the university to pursue its mission and establish a stronger competitive position as it moves into an uncertain future”, he says.

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