A new coffee fix on campus

By Tess Patrick

Wellington students made it back to campus after the Easter break to find a pleasant surprise catering to their caffeine related needs.

Tussock Bar and Cafe has opened an alternative for the taste buds – The Pyramid Cafe.

The Pyramid Cafe can be found directly opposite student services in, you guessed it, The Pyramid.

Working closely alongside the university to make better use of the spaces on campus, Tussock Operations Coordinator Jeremy Hanna envisages the foyer area becoming more of a communal space for students and staff – somewhat like Victoria University’s ‘Hub’.

“I think the whole idea behind that was to create a more usable space and friendly space and it’s great that you see students studying here and stuff now whereas you never really used to see that.

“Especially in winter, it’s so warm and nice in here,” says Hanna.

Although managed by the same team, Tussock and The Pyramid Cafe are two entirely different spaces, serving up a different variety of food and drinks.

The Pyramid serves Karma Cola products together with Turkish rolls and cookie dough brownies, with a comprehensive tea selection to boot.

“The idea essentially is to make something a little bit different and provide a wider range,” says Hanna.

Third year communications student Kathryn Scott is pleased with the wider food options on campus, yet still points out the need for a late-night caffeine fix.

“Massey is far away from any food place that’s open late, so when you’re studying on campus at night it makes it pretty hard to get a meal or a coffee to keep you going,” says Scott.

Hanna does not rule out the possibility of late night coffee during hand-in and exam hours, but says he would need to measure if it is viable.

“We’re not just here as a cafe, we’re also a service to students. We’re always looking at how we can improve that and make changes to make it better,” says Hanna.

The expansion of the former Tussock cart which still stands in the same space was the result of student feedback over the years, and the demand for something a little more refreshing.

“We do surveys and things. There’s another one later this year, just trying to gauge student feedback and ideas and what they want to see on campus,” says Hanna.

The Pyramid Cafe is open Monday through Friday, between 9am and 1.30pm. If you would like it to stay open later, make your voice heard in Tussock’s next survey. For now, enjoy a cuppa Joe and have a laugh with your friends in this new student cafe.

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