New Albany Business Club launched following break up of BSG

A new business students’ club has been formed at Albany, following what appears to be acrimony surrounding the previous group.

The former Business Students’ Group (BSG) was restructured this year into the Massey University Student Enterprise Club, aiming to help foster innovative start-up ideas.

Mystery surrounds what happened at the BSG, with allegations flying on Albany student social media pages.

Carla Bishet
Carla Bishet

A student using a fake profile, under the name Carla Bishet, last month criticised the running of the club, a post shared across multiple Albany students’ pages.

The post has since been deleted, although it appears to deal with issues that occurred around four years ago.

The student initially refused to comment on the issue, and deleted messages sent to Massive. For legal reasons, we cannot repeat the substance of the comments.

The student has listed several other students who had allegedly experienced issues in the club, but the students named did not respond to requests for comment.

Former BSG President Sabrina Nagel, who attended Massey University between 2007 and 2009, said the issues raised in the post stem from the feelings of an individual in the club, rather than a group of students.

She thought the post on the Business Student Group Facebook page was “immature”.

“It’s not a good way of trying to make a change and making an impact”.

She believes the student should have instead gone through the proper channels had they wished to lay a complaint.

The content of the posts made no reference to Nagel.

Sabrina Nagel

Dasha Sulimoff, President of MUSE, says the club is “not familiar with the conflict connected to previous years of the BSG”, and only a few of the original members of the club joined MUSE.

Albany Students’ Association (ASA) President Juan Schutte says that he understands the conflict deals with issues which occurred previously within the BSG.

He adds that he has been reassured by Sulimoff that the conflict “stems from a past club structure which is not present in MUSE.”

Schutte says that the association is currently in the process of reaching out to any students affected by the issue so that an adequate resolution can be achieved.

“The ASA wants our members to experience the very best at university. As such, if there are any issues regarding any clubs, members should let us know so we can ensure that a rapid resolution is found that benefits all.”


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