A student from the College of Creative Arts has recently been diagnosed with Meningococcal disease.

At this stage, only a small percentage of Massey students have been informed about this issue by the university.

An e-mail was sent out this afternoon by a COCA staff member, alerting some students of the news and educating them about the symptoms of Meningococcal.

The only people who received this e-mail were those who had recently been in contact with the diagnosed student.

Massey University communications director James Gardiner said he is now considering whether it’s necessary to send the message to the wider student body.

“It’s not like the flu or a cold, which spread quite easily, so the Public Health people thought it was appropriate to only advise those who were in class with the student,” Gardiner said.

This issue raises concerns regarding university to student communication, similar to an issue earlier this year.

Symptoms of Meningitis can include:

·        flu-like symptoms,

·        fever,

·        headache,

·        drowsiness,

·        vomiting,

·        stiff neck,

·        a skin rash like blood spots under the skin,

·        sensitivity to bright lights.

 The email says to contact your doctor if you feel you may be affected.


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