The Matchelor – Part Six

For those of you still hanging around for my fortnightly write up about my attempt to find love, thanks for hanging around but the gig is up. I wouldn’t say I’ve found love or say that I’m in love but I’m fairly happy with how this all ended up. So if you’re looking for juicy details about how my “love” life has progressed unfortunately this is the wrong place, this is me summarising my time as The Matchelor.  

This didn’t work out as planned. In my head I thought I would go on a few dates as an excuse to eat some food, meet a few ladies and maybe find like a one-week girlfriend. I had many doubts, like, who is going to read this you are illiterate asf, what if I can’t get any dates (loser), so on and so forth. I definitely did not think it would be on the second date that I was thinking of buying a house and planning my children’s names with said date. I’m joking but what are your thoughts on Theo for a boy?

I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles (sorry I’ve always wanted to say that). And sure this ‘adventure’ shall we call it didn’t come without its trials. Imagine going on a date with someone and then having to tell them, “hey do you mind if I write about this for my university’s magazine” nervously mumbling this as you take a sip of water. Awkward.

If you aren’t into the whole sappy “this has changed my life” then don’t read this and/or don’t live with a vegan… take my word for it. As I said I didn’t really expect anything from being The Matchelor but it has changed my perspective for the better. Before I was approached I was 100 per cent single asf, teetering dangerously on the fine line between a strong independent man who don’t need no woman to be a social recluse. If I had not been approached I would not have been pushed out of my comfort zone, put myself out there and found an alright beau. This is where I reference that quote ships are safe in harbor but that’s not what ships are made for – yes it is lame but totally true. Without sounding stalker-ish but I had always thought date number two was pretty rad before The Matchelor all began (friends of friends remember). Pre-Matchelor I would never have thought to message her out of the blue and say lets hangout. If anything The Matchelor has taught me you can never be too safe in your own life, take a risk. I’m not talking about risks like see how much chocolate you can eat during an assignment all-nighter without feeling sick because it’s not worthwhile to you and the answer is 3 king sized blocks of Cadbury (don’t ask me how I know). When I asked date number two out she could have turned me down and I would have had to change universities due to my own rejection anxiety. When you weigh it up if I didn’t ask her I would still be at home on a Friday night watching Riverdale possibly regretting not having the courage to ask her. It may not work out all the time but better to find out than never know right?

Alright I’m done trying to be sensei and zen and what not. With my chakras now aligned I will pass on some advice. Take a risk, get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself daily.

Thanks for the ride but it’s time to rollout! Wish me luck and btw wedding is in June wooohooo.

Many thanks,

The Matchelor

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