The Matchelor — Part 5

Hey there me again your resident Matchelor who is a little loved up and a little bit smitten. Recapping from last time I’ve been seeing this girl for a while and it was a bit topsy turvy because we hadn’t really defined what we were. We were hanging out, but I was trying not to be super clingy so I was only sending her three love poems per day, you know the usual. We had hung out a few more times since our delightful meet up in hui hui three and at Tussock, but things hadn’t moved forward.

So unlike the days leading up to all my assignments I decided to quit the muck around and throw the line out there. And by throw the line out there I mean I dragged myself through previous messages to triple check she was semi into this whilst thinking of how to bring it up. Is it a breakfast thing like, “morning J, what’s your plans for the day? Can you see me in your future?” Or does it sort of sit better at dinner time? Clearly I didn’t know through lack of experience but I managed to maneuver our daily conversation into asking her what she thinks of us at the moment.

I won’t go into the inner details but yes she said she thought I would be an adequate candidate for a boyfriend and vice versa.  So that was cool but then how do you carry that conversation on. “So were dating right? Cool…cool…what’s for dinner?” (Sorry about the food references I was hangry when I wrote this). How are you meant to play it smooth because when someone else has clearly and officially said they like you back that’s got to be a pretty cool feeling right? Anyway before anyone thinks I’m getting married just letting you know its early days still, like BC early days’ relationship wise.

We met up a couple of days after the big DTR and decided to hit up a movie. With Reading Cinemas being re-opened and post DTR I thought we had more than earned ordering the couples combo, like yeah that’s right we are dating. I let her pick the movie and hey I’m all for remakes but there is only so much you can do with Beauty and the Beast (with the title being similar to our own relationship lol). So enduring roughly an hour and half of (spoiler) singing furniture and theatre music and finding out yes the Beast does become a prince we rolled out. I don’t know if you want these details but along with the movie there was the accompanying hand holding, head on shoulder resting etc. Gross right? Now what else is there to do on a Thursday night after a torturous movie than indulge in the sweet tastes of gelato at Kaffee Eis. I stuck with my classic vanilla and whatever has peanuts in it ice cream in a cup combo and I can’t quite remember what she got because I was so consumed with my #1 love of food. I mowed mine down because musical movies will do that to your appetite but she was kind enough to give me a smidge of hers.

I’m starting to dig this official dating kind of thing. Minus the movie it’s pretty nice because I got more ice cream than I would have if I were single (priorities), but spending time with someone you like spending time with is good for the soul.


The Matchelor


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