Massive Magazine website blocked by Victoria University network

By Kasharn Rao

Massive Magazine’s website,, is inaccessible by Victoria University students due to a security policy.

Attempting to access the website while using Victoria University WiFi results in a page block. The Massive Magazine website, which was released in April earlier this year after months of technical difficulties, is categorised by Victoria University as ‘Spyware / Malicious Sites’.

One Massey student says Victoria University is censoring what its students read.

“It’s hypocritical, seeing as Victoria pride themselves on asking questions and pushing boundaries [which is] literally the opposite of censorship.”

Another Massey student says they can’t understand why the site would be blocked.

“There is no provocation, controversy, or outrage that would warrant Victoria students being blocked from reading Massive on campus.

“I would certainly hope Massey has not blocked Victoria’s Salient newspaper.”

Victoria’s student magazine website,, is easily accessible using Massey‘s WiFi connection.

Dominic, a student at Victoria University, says he is not bothered the website is blocked.

“I’m sure it’s people’s right to be able to read what they want to read but I don’t particularly think [Victoria] students will want to read the magazine of another university too much. Also, it is the university’s right to block something if they believe it to be malicious to someone.”

There have been no reports of being blocked by other networks.

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