Massey Wellington’s Student Volunteer Week success

By Lauren Donald

Over 160 hours have been volunteered by Wellington students throughout the first week of May as part of Massey University’s involvement in Student Volunteer Week.

Students filled more than 90 volunteer opportunities with local organisations that included Ronald McDonald House, Worker Be Oasis, Kaibosh, The Freestore and the Soup Kitchen.

Massey Career and Employability Service organised the opportunities, while ensuring both the students and organisations were experiencing the benefits of volunteering.

“This year we wanted to see students actually getting involved with volunteering so we have been setting up opportunities with local organisations,” says Massey Career and Employability Service’s Grant Verhoeven.

“In the past, volunteer expos didn’t see much student follow-through, so this year we’ve tried something new.

“I’ve been blown away by the students who have helped make this week happen,” says Verhoeven, referring to the team of Student Career Advocates who helped organise the week.

Students from a range of year levels and colleges participated in the Student Volunteer Week and many have expressed interest in wanting to continue volunteering in the future.

To find opportunities for voluntary work go to or the Massey University CareerHub.

The Career and Employability Service provides career advice and guidance to Massey students. Go to to set up an appointment and to see the career opportunities on offer.




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