Massey volunteers recognised among Palmy’s finest

By Adam Pearse

Two members of Massey University’s program ‘Massey Guides’ were nominated in Manawatu’s Volunteer Recognition Event that took place in June.

The two students, Megan Taylor and Tianyi Huang, were nominated for this event on account of their service to the ‘Massey Guides’ program that looks to ease the new students’ integration with University life.

Program frontman, Mark Rainier says both nominees poured their heart and soul into their roles and thoroughly deserve the accolades.

“Tianyi is a young Massey guide who took the bull by the horns and said; ‘I’m going to make the most of this opportunity, I’m going to make this opportunity work for me to make friends, develop my language skills, integrate myself into a University’.

“As a leader, Megan worked to support the Massey guide team. She just went over and above what a Massey Guide is obligated to do and it’s because of her commitment and her care for her fellow students.

“We want to give them recognition and they deserve it,” he says.

It’s really gratifying to see students embrace the program and work towards helping other students.”

As part of their role as a Massey Guide, they were responsible for taking campus tours, delivering workshops and seminars, lectures to students on timetables, providing support to students, and helping run a number of events.

Rainier says that not only do they help during official events, they also act as a good intermediary between student and staff.

“Students will approach peers more quickly than staff so to have some identified peers who we can trust to give the right information means that we are increasingly confident that new students and returning students will have somebody they can approach, somebody they can ask questions of. They are also our eyes and ears. They pick up struggling students very quickly.”



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