Massey students do-good

By Angela Haddon

Two Creative Media Production students at Massey University have put their film skills to good use by making a difference in the community.

Students Connor Lee and Tasman Roy have been kept busy helping charities tell their story through film, working alongside Film for Change Aotearoa (FFCA).

FFCA was co-founded by Helen Anderson and Jesse Gonzales and registered as a charitable trust in October 2013 and it enables charities and communities to have a chance to affordable film making.

Lee says working for charity feels fantastic.

“It feels like we can change people’s opinions and the deeper you get emotionally, the more you are really starting to affect people,” he says.

He says he helped make 13 films last year with FFCA. Both he and Roy talk highly of the creative freedom Massey allows them.

“Massey are very good at letting you go in the direction you want to go, and giving you the resources you need to do that,” says Roy .

Roy says this enables him to do what he loves and to make films. He says at any one time he can be working on between two and twelve films and working in excess of 100 hours a week.

“The highlight has been the ability to work on this many projects,” he says.

Roy says he feels privileged to have worked with various charities.

“To be able to say I’ve worked with big names like Unicef, Scouts NZ, Generosity NZ… I don’t think many people get to do that right off the bat,” says Roy.

The pair is now in the process of working on a new initiative for Massey Wellington with Massey TV set to launch in the not too distant future.

In the meantime they continue to work on honing their film skills, while working on a variety of projects with FFCA and other opportunities that come their way.



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