Massey Election Poll finds Young People Integral

By Adam Pearse

Massey University has paired with Fairfax Media’s Stuff website to create an election poll that measures the public’s key issues as well as their trust in the political system.

In an article released by Massey University, Massey Professor, and survey instigator, Grant Duncan says that nearly 40,000 people completed the online poll.

The poll showed half of all participants saw the need for “a complete change of government” and that political leaders were “out of touch with the people”.

In terms of public issues, the three most widely chosen in the survey were health, housing, and environment.

Immigration came in at number five with the majority of people agreeing that too many immigrants were arriving on our shores.

Duncan comments that while the study may have limitations, its results have a clear meaning.

“While this survey sample may not exactly match the voting age population, it points to a discontented constituency large enough to reshape the political landscape.

“The young feel they’re not getting a fair deal, and they are the most likely to highlight housing as the most decisive election issue.”

He goes on to say that although they may be unaware, young people hold a very key position in this year’s election which could determine the fates of National’s Bill English and Labour’s Andrew Little.

“Young people may not realise it, but collectively they hold the power for change this election. If they vote in much larger numbers, it’s a serious worry for Mr English. But Andrew Little shouldn’t be rubbing his hands with glee.”


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