Massey drama society goes professional

By Adam Pearse

It seems the Massey University Drama Society (MUDS) has hit the big time with their latest production, ‘God Awful Company’, which opens May 19.

The play will be performed at the Centrepoint theatre which rarely sees community groups perform.

Show Producer and Writer, Shivarn Stewart says the recognition is a big honour.

“It’s being held at Centrepoint Theatre which is a professional stage. This is one of the first times they’ve ever invited a community group to perform there, so it’s an amazing step for us.”

The play centres on all the gods of earth, who are getting together for their regular meeting every 1,000 years. Landing slap bang in the middle of this is Kevin, an indecisive and slightly hungover student, who has been randomly chosen to represent all of humanity in deciding if the gods get to retain their powers.

For Stewart, the play is especially meaningful as it will be her first that she herself wrote. Despite the pressure that comes with that, she knows the MUDS will do her proud.

“For me this show is really exciting as it’s actually my first full length play that I’ve written. MUDS always do amazing productions so I’m just so over the moon about having our great actors bring this show to life. Which given that it’s gods, means it will clearly be epic.”

The show will be performed four times over two weeks with tickets as low as $10. To find out more visit the society’s Facebook page.


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