Massey 1sts aim to make cup history

Massey regroup in league match against Red Sox. Photo Cred: Amy Macaulay

By Adam Pearse

Massey Men’s 1st football team will look to make history as the only Massey side to win the Federation Cup in over 20 years when they take the field against Marist in September.

The young team comprising of students has had a very successful cup run, recently defeating Hawkes Bay’s Port Hill, 5-2, to earn their spot in final.

Vice captain Joe Freeman says the team is confident in their ability to perform in the final.

“I think the lads will be going into the final feeling confident after a number of complete team performances in the quarterfinal and semi.”

Freeman attests to the example skipper Billy Fitzgerald sets for the guys as to how a member of the Massey Football club should act.

“Our Skipper Billy Fitzgerald has been the rock that has kept the lads in place and given us a sense of direction,” he says.

“His commitment to the side has been instrumental in setting an example for players across the entire club.”

Head coach Donald Piper says to play in a cup final is rare for a team that is so young.

“A lot of good players go all their career without making a cup final so for a relatively new bunch of lads to make a cup final together is fantastic.”

Piper emphasises the importance of sticking to their own game and not approaching the contest half-heartedly.

“The mentality for us going in has to be having the courage to express ourselves and not shy away from the opportunity.”

Massey’s season has been followed by a strong contingent of fans, people who vice captain Freeman wishes to thank by getting the victory.

“It would be wonderful for the people who have taken time out of their weekends to come down and support the Massey football club,” Freeman says.

“It would be a great way to say thank you for believing in us as a group and hopefully be a stepping stone towards a bright future for everyone involved with the football club.”

Massey will challenge Palmerston North Marist for the Federation Cup on September 2 at Memorial Park, kick off 3pm.


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