Male students demand shower-time privacy

By Adam Pearse

Multiple male students are up in arms over the difference in shower privacy between the Massey Rec Centre’s male and female changing rooms.

Students claim that while the female changing room has showers encased by cubicles, the male changing room has showers with no division where participants shower in full view of others in the room.

Regular gym bunny, Marc Herrmann, says the thought of difference between how two genders shower is quite perplexing.

“I personally just don’t understand why the boys have communal showers while the girls get private cubicles? What makes it not okay for girls to have open showers but okay for the boys?”

He feels the problem is an easy fix and only requires some simple form of division that separates the showers.

“I don’t think it would be too hard for the gym to fix this issue. If they don’t want to spend money to upgrade even just some partitioning walls between each shower head or heck even just a good old shower curtain would do the job.”

Herrmann thinks something has to be done as students are tired of witnessing their heads of department starkers.

“Just something to prevent us having to stand one metre away from a naked man who, when they turn around, we see is one of our lecturers, or a head of department.

“It sure makes it hard to look them in the eye and respect them as a professional when you next see them in class.”

Another student whom wishes to remain anonymous says it’s not only their sense of sight that is being violated, but also their smell.

“Aside from having the urge to stab myself in the eyes when I see people’s butts and dangling, wrinkled sausages every time I walk in there; I wish they would just open some windows.

“Or at least there should be a better ventilation system. I find the smell of the room so offensive to the extent that I just get dizzy whenever I go in.”

Massey University has been contacted for comment.

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