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“The makeup is simply an extension of the personality and colors, clothing, makeup all express something” – Gene Simmons

Credit to original owner of photo
Credit to original owner of photo


The first event for Miss Manawatu 2014 was a workshop for makeup, with the beautiful Candice Evans as a special guest representative of our sponsor Napoleon Perdis.


My first thoughts when I heard that it was about makeup, were ‘Oh how stereotypical!’, and I honestly didn’t think it would be of any use. I went along anyways, as if I were to gain a true picture of the whole experience, nothing could be missed.


And I am more than glad that I did!


I, in my naivety, went almost bare-faced, thinking that as it was a makeup tutorial it would be best. Well, wasn’t I a tad embarrassed when the ladies started arriving and I seemed to be the only one who had that train of thought. My mind had completely slipped the fact that as this was the first meeting for most of the contestants everyone would be putting their best foot forward. On a side note, heeled boots, tights, and sleeved dresses with jackets seem to be the way to go this winter!


Two ladies volunteered as models, and a day look and a night look were demonstrated for us with explanations guiding us through each step. The transformations were amazing, and we were made aware of how much makeup was needed for the final night in comparison to an everyday look – with those bright lights washing everybody out on stage, more is definitely better!


To see the different ways to highlight our natural features were incredible, and it all looked so easy, until it came to the false eyelashes. The make-up artists even demonstrated them on themselves for us, so we could get a better idea of how exactly to do it – false eyelashes are notorious for being difficult to apply! And yet again, it was made to look easy! I will definitely be trying this out myself before I believe it.


Louise Nelson, Miss Manawatu 2013, came along also, and made us all laugh with her down-to-earth honesty about her lack of makeup skills prior to her competition participation last year. Prior to taking part, she says that she was definitely a less is more kind of gal.


We were presented with a challenge by Kate (another one, I know!), that for every time we were to see her from then on, we were to try something different with our makeup  – it could be a different lipstick, contouring, eye shadow, or whatever we wanted it to be. This isn’t to judge us or see if we can use the tips and tricks shown throughout the workshop, but instead to make us more confident with trying new things instead of settling on the same look every time…which I know I am usually guilty of!


The main message to take away from the workshop was to have fun with our makeup, as the choices are endless and you never know what look you might create with experimentation.


Keep an eye out for the next update…trying on dresses for the main presentation nights, all done in a room full of strangers eyeing up the same choices! 



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