The opening of the Wellington LUX festival was a delightful evening where I was mesmerized by stunning displays of light, colour and art.  LUX is a free public light festival that transforms Wellington’s waterfront and laneways into a captivating celebration of light, art, technology and design. The preview event celebrated the hard work and passion that had gone into the creation and installation of these displays.




We were guided through the light walk and got to view ten of the 32 illuminating works. The stubborn storm held no mercy, but on the bright side, the lights looked super pretty reflecting off the wet ground. All of the displays were dazzling and lit up the waterfront beautifully, showcasing Wellington as a truly creative capital. My favourite displays encouraged interaction, such as the ‘Boing Boing Gloop Machine’. This installation made me feel like a famous DJ as I had control over the flashing lights and funky music. Another highlight was the Daydream V.2 which left me in a hypnotic trance due to its trippy geometric movement and intense soundtrack.

I was proud to be from Massey University, as they not only support the festival, but many of the fascinating works were created by past and current students.  It was clear that a lot of thought and commitment had been put in and there was a real sense of pride as we viewed the art works. I could feel the energy amongst the designers, their creative spirits lightening up the weather.

A quality light festival now into its fourth year, I have no doubt that this vibrant event will continue to grow in the years to come; affirming Wellington as the creative high-tech capital of New Zealand.

After my teaser, I will definitely be returning with friends to view all of the displays. I would recommend LUX to anyone, it is absolutely captivating for adults and kids alike. Your inner child will emerge as you yell at ‘the screaming rapture’ at the top of your lungs and watch its glowing lights react. So go on, brave the weather, experience the joy of LUX and lighten up your spirits this gloomy winter.


The festival runs from August 22 till August 31. You can find more information on the Wellington LUX Festival website or



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