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I can’t agree more with the doing away with what was effectively compulsory unionism for university students. Last year I flatted with a Vic student who came from a  poor family and he could barely afford the basics while living in Wellington, let alone be made to pay quite high fees for activities he didn’t have time for or services he didn’t use. Luckily the rest of us in the flat were happy to share his load, or he wouldn’t have seen out the year. With no fees to pay it will feel like he’s getting a pay rise – and that’s not something many people can claim.

Sam Pentecost

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  1. Not sure if you have noticed but we aren’t getting a rise of any sort. Our student services levy has gone up to cover the essential services that were previously provided at a lower rate by the associations. In addition, the association levy was able to be paid via student loan whereas the increased cost of services now has to be paid up front with money that we don’t have. A functional student association is also in a better position to advocate for students to get an allowance/ borrowed living costs that we can actual live off.

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