Lack of parks “added stress”

By Shannon Ballantyne

Student car parking on Massey’s Albany campus has now reached boiling point, with students up in arms over a lack of parking spaces available.

The limited amount of student car parking has become a contentious issue since the university removed a number of parks to make way for its new science building, which is under construction.

Students told Massive Magazine that some days they were left circling the campus grounds again and again, before they were able to find a car park.

This has left some so frustrated they have resorted to parking in makeshift parks and even on grass banks, only to be issued with warnings notifying them to move their cars.

Massey Albany student, Amelia Bundy, says not being able to park her car in time to attend her lectures has become an added stress she does not need.

“I have to leave at least an hour before class so that I have time to find a park and prepare in time for my lectures.

“Massey needs to sort out the parking situation because it is just becoming ridiculous.”

Massey’s Director of Communications, James Gardiner, says while the removal of some parks has impacted the issue, an increase in students has also contributed to a lack of parking.

“This year car parking is particularly bad due to, not only, car parks being taken out for the construction of the new science building, but also the increase in students.

“At the moment there are more than 6700 students currently enrolled at Massey [in Albany],” he says.

Gardiner suggests students look elsewhere for parking if they are having trouble finding a spot on campus.

“There are other car parking options for students at QBE stadium and Otaha Rohe campus.

“It just means that students will need to leave early to make it in time to their classes.”

Gardiner couldn’t confirm whether the university planned to install anymore car parking spaces.

“It’s a matter of space and resources – if we were to build a car parking building we will have to consider things like charging for parking to pay for the costs of constructing the building.

“We are well aware of the problem and are looking into ways we can solve it.”


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