Keeping it creative at Campus Co-Lab

Creativity can come in many shapes and forms. From ideas to execution of ideas, it is even present when you can see the opportunities for ideas. Without creativity we would never progress, we would have never got to this point of human civilisation. Creativity allows us to create solutions to problems. Everyone has at least a little bit of creativity.

We are massive fans of creativity at Campus Co-Lab and encourage it with out of the box thinking, coming up with solutions in small steps that give big wins and providing opportunities where people can help shape the final outcome.

Creativity has lead to some awesome projects developed through the Campus Co-Lab process and we hope to see many more throughout this semester and next year. Some projects to keep an eye out in these coming weeks are:

Bikes at Massey – Research is complete and now the team is looking at having physical bikes available for Massey students and staff to borrow from the gym on campus. These will be free and available to hire at anytime during gym hours.

Massey Fruit and Veg Co-op – Before rolling full steam ahead, turning Massey University into a distribution and packing hub, the co-op team have partnered with the Eastern Suburbs Fruit and Vege Co-op in Miramar for a trial. This will see 40 orders of fruit and veg delivered to those interested each week. If you want to know more check out their facebook page (@masseycoop).

Keep Cups – Talking about creatives, the Keep Cup team will be releasing a ‘design a keep cup competition’ this semester, so keep your ear to the ground.

Wā Collective – The Wā Collective is officially launching as a fully fledged service and leaving the Campus Co-Lab nest. By partnering with MAWSA they are able to provide this service to all students on the Wellington Campus. If you’ve been waiting to get your menstrual cup from them head to now.

If you are keen to be involved in any projects that were mentioned email, or if you have a project you want to submit, head to

Until next time,

Marie Larking

Creative Director of Campus Co-Lab

Massey University


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