Shower Thoughts

Wholesome memes for university stricken teens

There is a lot to be said about a good meme. Many people relax and de-stress by having a good browse of some zesty memes. Legend has it that there are memes that will actually melt steel beams, I am yet to see such a feat.

There are many types of memes. They range from slapstick humour to the absolutely nonsensical. That’s the beauty of memes, there is no defining format. Millennial humour is something of a mystery to the older generations.

One theory suggests that memes originated from cave man times. Some of those cave paintings were the origin of modern dankness. This is just one theory. However, some believe that the birth of memes came with the dawn of the inter-webs. The significant lack of evidence to back-up these theories leads many to believe that ancient memes were actually zucc’d (Cheers Mark).

Memes are usually graded by levels of irony. The gronkest of memes usually attain a high level of irony. The creators of such memes are usually labelled ‘Ironic Lads’ or ‘Edgelords’. Many are unaware that there is actually a meme hierarchy. Levels of this hierarchy range from ‘Normies’ to the aforementioned Edgelords. It is definitely a hard process to ascend the hierarchy. One theory suggests that one could become a Meme God by attaining the twenty-fifth layer of Irony. However, these seventh-dimensional beings become obsessed with cubes, and use big words like “scromble” and “ubiquitous”. Not ideal.

I enjoy many flavours of memes. From the classic Rick-Rolled memes all the way to distorted bass memes. Basically, anything with a bit of spice will suffice. After a hard day of gruelling lectures, there is nothing better than sitting down with a fresh jar of medical marmalade and enjoying a good meme review, or even your own selection of dank content.

TL;DR: There is more to memes than meets the eye. Also shout out to my meme dealers (please don’t get zucc’d)

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