Shower Thoughts

Veritable views from the vet tower (and other campus quirks)

How many of you have tried ascending to the top floor of the vet tower?

They say curiosity killed the cat, but curiosity never killed a Massey student (I hope).

For those of you fortunate enough to reside in Palmy Nought, and attend the lovely Turitea Campus, you may have noticed a few quirks about the place.

Many times, I have ventured to the top floor of the vertical vet tower, and by jove, what a view. It is just amazing the sights one can (not) see from the impervious blacked out windows. Why would the views from the top floor be inaccessible for us mere mortals? Many people I’ve asked have suggested varying ideas, ranging from innocent archive-space to a Breaking Bad type of situation. Is there a crack-lab in the vet tower?

There are many other quirks around campus, one in particular that comes to mind, is the Stop sign by Japan Lecture Theatre. Upon this sign lies the words ‘Hammer Time’. If one were to stumble across this sign during the dark hours, it would be rather sketchy. The amazing thing about this statement, is the way that it’s painted on the sign. It’s almost as if someone has held a stencil to the sign, while a bird has swooped in and excreted upon this stencil. I’m not joking, it even has the leaking effect. Very dodgy.

Another, rather odd quirk, are the owls attached to the science towers. These owls have a strange habit of remaining unnaturally stationery whilst my eyes are fixated upon them. I wonder what their purpose is? Do they cast wisdom upon the lurkers on concourse?

The one that trumps them all, are the ambiguous push and pull doors scattered around campus. These fiendish specimens haunt me every time I trek down a corridor. Although they appear to be innocent on the exterior, they will make a fool of you. The worst offenders are the ones that have the handle on your side, yet they say ‘push’. The majority of the time, I end up pulling the handle and being disappointed to the point of collapse. Putting the handle on the push side is about as logical as dipping Weetbix in rice wine vinegar. These doors are a cruel way of exponentially lowering your level of self-respect.

All of these small quirks add to the character that Massey has. We love the place. I urge you to explore these nooks and crannies. They lead to some interesting contemplation.

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Not Your Average Ponderer