The Unlonely Woman

The Unlonely Woman

Well here we are team, the last official column of the year. Don’t stress, I’ll be back next year in the mag on that quest for that forever dick. I decided to take requests for my last column because ya gotta give the people what they want. So, I got asked to write about all sorts but something really hit me in the heart because I used to do it. I was like shit sis you gotta touch on this because it’s a biggie.

Falling for potential. What is it? Well, you basically fall for a guy or lass by thinking about how it could potentially go. Say you start talking to them and go on one date. You start thinking about how you could suit, how your lives would match up and you honestly start thinking about your future with them. Yes, from one date. Everyone I know does this, I mean everyone. The person could be an absolute wanker and you’ll block it out. They could literally never message you ever and you’ll be sitting there thinking about how Sam is an amazing guy and excuse his shit communication. Meanwhile Sam’s 2 inches deep in another pussy. It’s like we hold onto this ‘hope’ of finding our forever person that we start thinking and falling for how it could potentially go instead of looking at it for how it really is. A cluster fuck.

I actually feel so experienced in this department because sis and sir this shit used to get me. I’m someone who really does want to see the best in people. So, if a dude I’m seeing is playing up I’ll keep giving them chances. I mean shit it took me over a month to finally leave my ex completely. I mean I found another chick’s g-string at my ex’s house and I still stayed. Because I wanted to believe him and kept thinking about how amazing the relationship could potentially be. But here’s the thing; I was putting all the effort in because I really wanted it to work. Shit, the fucker couldn’t care less if I stayed or left. Like he literally did not give a fuck about me. It’s like he’d do one kind gesture, like make me a green tea and I’d be like woooow he’s the one. How fucked is that? A guy would make me a green tea and all would be forgiven. I literally was putting my happiness aside all because a douche bag knew how to pour hot water in a cup.

But ya bitch bounced back and I no longer do this ;) I honestly don’t know what happened. Like maybe I hit my head and all came right. But it’s like I just clicked one day. Like if a dude fucks me off at the beginning I literally just walk away. Like sis and sir, if you are having games at the beginning then fucking leave. It’s like I think the hardest thing to get over is when a guy turns quiet and says, “I’ve been busy.” Cool boo…I can still take the time to message your ass whilst having the worst shits of my life and being stuck on the toilet but you can’t take 10 seconds out of your day to say have a nice day. Like fam if people want to talk to you they will. I’m flat out crazy in my life but if I want to talk to someone I fucking will.

It’s like we get in this pattern of defending someone who just simply is not interested in us because we want to see the greater good. Why boo? Wouldn’t you rather spend that time loving yo damn self? Fuck, I know I would. Like, love yourself enough - you don’t need love from others to validate who you are. Be great because you fucking are. Know your worth and know you deserve the world. Because fuck a man like Sam.