The Lyall Bay Dog Review

(We totally milked the theme of this issue so we could go to the beach and call it journalism. The Editor also wanted to put her extensive knowledge of obscure dog breeds to good use)

Maltese/Shih Tzu 

After having owned a fluffy hybrid dog for years you’d think I’d be an advocate for toy breeds, but I’m still not really interested in anything under knee height. However, this nice boy changed my mind. He made a beeline for us across the sand and stuck around for at least thirty seconds for pats before haring off after anyone else who would pay him attention. 



This strapping young man was definitely over knee height yet had the woolly coat of a toy breed, but the combination was certainly working in his favour. However, despite our coaxing, he was not interested. Minus two points for ignoring us and making us feel awkward in front of the owner. 


Elderly Border Collie X Lab 

This genial grandpa took his time plodding across the sand, but ran into trouble when he could not apparently see the concrete pier obstructing his path. This poor old blind man fell over at least four times but kept on nonetheless. He was also sporting a dashing pink polar fleece pyjama shirt. His owner told us his name was Timmy and he had just turned 15. 

“He still likes to smell the smells, but he’s retired now so he doesn’t really fetch,” she told us. 


Griffon Bruxellois 

Instant points for ignoring the ball its owner just threw and coming straight up to us for pats instead. His lack of snout was a lot more aerodynamic than we would have assumed - he was a very fast boy in pursuit of the ball (once he’d lost interest in us).