Good Cop, Bad Cop

Good Cop, Bad Cop - Issue 9

Well hi there, the other day I found a $100 note on the floor of my step brother’s sisters’ rest home. I was over the moon, I instantly thought of all the jugs I was going to sink at the fucking Welsh Dragon on the upcoming weekend. But then I thought, maybe I should hand it in to the desk. Fuck it I thought, and I went and got fucked up with my bromies. Did I make a bad decision?

Why yes, yes you did. You really should have handed in the money, karma is going to get you bad my bro, I would honestly be so bloody concerned. My sister once walked under a ladder and then got malaria the next day, be careful - GC

The other day I fell over on the way home from lawn bowls practice. I broke both of my legs and even one of my arms. I really want to go to Bay Dreams later in the year, however, I don’t think that I am going to be ready by December to froth the fuck out. What on Earth should I do?

Smash back a bottle of paracetamol, grab your good attitude, and go to the rave. The Migos are even headlining, how good is that, no point missing out due to being a bitch. I’ll see you there, I will have my siren on - BC