Good Cop, Bad Cop

Good Cop, Bad Cop - Issue 8

Hi there, my nephew is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Aviation on the Palmerston North Campus. However, he has been watching quite a lot of Air Crash Investigation and writing down heaps of notes whilst doing so. He could either be studying or planning something deadly. I am concerned, what should I do?

Hi, you should talk to your nephew and see what he is up to. It is quite a good show to watch anyway. Maybe you could join him for an episode and see what he is up to. I wish him the best with his studies - GC

Well shit, I just returned from Super Cheap Auto, where I saw my mate had his leg stuck in one of the display exhaust pipes. He bet me thirteen dollars that it would fit, I knew that it wouldn’t but somehow, he made it happen. We both have now been barred from our favourite shop and now have no clue where to go to buy our car parts?

Hi, what a fuck head, my new-born son went through the same ordeal a few months back at McDonalds when he thought he would shove his arm in a straw! The thing is that sometimes people think they can do something, but it is a dumb thing to do. Maybe try out Repco or even Trademe for your car parts - BC