Good Cop, Bad Cop

Good Cop, Bad Cop - Issue 7

Hi, on the weekend I tried pingers for the first time. I was peer pressured by my aunty to do so at the family gathering at the park last Tuesday. I mean I had a good time, however, I feel bad that my aunty would put me in such a predicament. I don’t want to do them ever again, but I still want my aunty to like me. What should I do?

You really need to sit down with your aunt for a bit of a talk! If she is making you do something you are not a fan of, you must speak up! Not to mention MDMA could potentially be dangerous. All the best. GC.

I am absolutely appalled with my boyfriend who has been watching the shit out of the FIFA World Cup and no longer paying any attention to me. I still want him around, but I cannot take his fucking shit for much longer!

Get fucked. The FIFA World Cup happens every four years so give him a bloody break! If my wife expected me to talk to her whilst my team was on, she would be disappointed. Space is what he needs for a few weeks, chill the fuck out yeah. BC