Good Cop, Bad Cop

Good Cop, Bad Cop - Issue 4

Hi there, I have just returned to uni after my mid-semester break where I travelled to Europe for a couple of weeks. However, whilst over there I got swindled into buying some sort of tea pot. Now this was all good but when I came back through customs, I was pulled asides on suspicion of drugs. Long story short, I must pay a $305 fee and have three months community service to complete. I am wondering how am I going to continue my studies on top of my punishment, can you help me?

Firstly, I reckon you could implement a timetable for your daily routines, you could schedule in your classes alongside your community service. By sticking to this you will learn routines which will make you a better person and you will build a more positive character within yourself – GC

I fell the fuck off my champion race horse the other day while I was steeplechasing round the streets of a foreign country on my mid-semester break. And now am far too scared to get back on and train to enter the Olympics in 2020. I mean I am a pretty decent competitor but yeah, I'm just too scared to fuck with it now. What should I do?

Firstly, who the fuck goes overseas for a casual holiday? Wouldn't you rather go to Rotorua or some shit. Next, maybe take up a real man’s sport, like rhythmic gymnastics, that way you can eliminate the horse and get to dress up like a champion. Surely two years is enough to get good enough and qualify - BC