Good Cop, Bad Cop

Good Cop, Bad Cop - Issue 12

Yo it’s exam time and I’ve lost my pet cat, no clue where the fuck she is but I’m worried to say the least. The real concern here though is I stayed up far too late last night sinking white rhinos with my four-year-old brother. Now mum is pissed at me and won’t let me go to uni to sit my exam, what should I do?

Hi there, I think you should revisit the way you interact with your bro! He shouldn’t be drinking if he is four and he should also not be staying up late at night. Your mum also shouldn’t be limiting you by not going to uni. It’s a niggly one but I think you should take a good hard look at yourself and then attempt to re-book your exam - GC

Well fuck a doodle do, my grandma shat in my shoe. I put it on, then took it off, my foot covered in poo.

Very creative poem! Too bad you are a fuckhead. That’s right I know what you are. You’re the one who keeps shitting in my garden. Please fuck off or I’ll arrest you, fuck with your case and send you to jail - BC