Graduates flood the streets of Palmy

By Adam Pearse

As the streets fill with crowds of caps and gowns, another year of Massey students put a full-stop on their own unique experience of university.

Beaming graduate, Saskia Gilbert says, despite the trials and tribulations, the journey to graduation has been well worth it. So much so, that she is coming back for more.

“Although I loved every second of the emotional horror train, I’m even happier to have a very fancy piece of paper. I’m celebrating being done with my undergraduate degree by going back to uni for a Masters.”

Gilbert recounts all the valuable life lessons that were taught to her by this wonderful institution.

“Uni has taught me so many things over the past few years. How to bullshit effectively, how to find references after finishing the assignment and my love of caffeine. However, I’ve also learnt how to be a better person, how to enjoy learning, and how to actually plan ahead. So, cheers Massey. It’s been something.”

Science grad, Cameron Houston, comments on what he saw to be the most defining things about graduation.

“One: Clapping for a solid two hours to be on stage for 10 seconds to shake a random’s hand. Two: Putting on a really ill-fitting hat that will fall off every time you move. Three: It was actually a brilliant day in Palmy for once for that great parade of student debt down the street. Four: The trees looked good in photos. Five: I decided not to wait in line for an hour to get a photo on the concrete statue.”

However, in seriousness, Houston observed that the finality of the day was profound.

“All in all a pretty awesome day and I finally have closure. Along with a certificate to prove that I can handle three years of stress, binge drinking, and spending money that I don’t have. Time to go out into the world with an overdone degree.”

Fellow Science graduate, Morgan Heslop, echoes the thoughts of her peers in her pride of finishing.

“I finished my degree six months ago so it’s super nice to finally be able to prove it. It was easy to get caught up in the graduation atmosphere and walking across the stage really was the stereotypical “proud moment” but I framed my degree today and sat there staring at it for a while and realised that I really am proud of it.”

Heslop recognises that there are hard times at university but has ultimately decided to do it all again.

“I stuck it out through some pretty tough times. I learnt where my alcohol limit is, where my caffeine limit is, and where my procrastination limit is (two hours beforehand for an exam, three hours for an assignment).

“However, I’m heading back next year for Masters so apparently it wasn’t all bad. It wasn’t always easy, but I’m glad I did it. Thanks Massey.”





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