Garden Club’s student engagement grows

The Massey Albany Community Garden Club has had “some of the best student engagement we’ve seen in years”.

According to 2015 president, Richard Donovan, the increase in student engagement was “largely because we’ve got members that are incredibly passionate about healthy living, sustainable growing, the curiosity to know more about the world and more than likely upskilling survival skills in the chance of a zombie apocalypse.”

He said that this semester the club had gone “back to basics,” adding that “we want to enhance the Massey University Campus and hence Albany, through the creation of a sense of community identity among our students, staff and local residents.”

Donovan also said that “we’ve planned to make the most of our networks/resources and give [Community Garden] members greater access to awesome events that align with our goal of enhancing our community. Events include: workshops on different facets of sustainable growing; fun fermentation tutorials; nutritional talks; and anything else that can heighten the awareness and appreciation for the earth we share and those that share it with us.”

One such event was a planned tour with Bruce Brownlee, who provided the club with their compost tumblers. The tour was to be “a chance for [Community Garden] members to meet and learn from someone that is ‘living the dream’ in a sustainable way right here in Albany.” While the tour had been cancelled, Donovan said that he was “definitely keen to get a tour there though.”

For the rest of semester, Donovan said that “we’d like to establish a simple yet replicable system that can be used by any club that will foster a strong community of students, staff and local residents.” He said that “with a stronger community, we can improve the lives of people who are involved in the club, the world and the environment.”

Elections to be part of the club’s committee would also be taking place this semester, with Donovan advising students to “watch this space”. To be part of the Garden Club, contact…


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