Fun run in the capital

Fast times were set this month with Massey University students and staff competing in the Wellington Powerade Challenge.

The 8km out-and-back run around Wellington’s iconic waterfront attracted a lot of student interest. The event was held on September 8 to try and build community between students and staff at the capital’s campus.

Massey at Wellington Students’ Association Health Executive Stephanie Korad cleaved more than eight minutes of her estimated time, completing the run in just over 41 minutes.

Korad says this was the first time Massey students and staff took part in the annual event which is popular around Wellington.

“It’s really good to get to know the other runners at Massey, it’s not necessarily the most popular way of getting fit, people love to use weights, but it is a great way to be fit and social at the same time.

“It is great opportunity to gauge where your fitness level is at. Most runners on the day did better than they thought which created a really cool atmosphere at the end of it.”

Sport and Recreation Manager David Driscole, was delighted with the delivery of event and positive feedback from participants.

“Finding creative ways for our Wellington community to participate in sport and recreation opportunities is a big challenge with our current resources,” he says.

“I’m very happy that the recreation department were able to deliver an event conceived at Massey University Gym”.

Driscole says the day couldn’t of happened without the support of the Massey Outdoor Recreation Club (MORC) who were able to provide support staff for the event.

– To find out more about Massey University Running, head to The next event is a 5km corporate challenge in mid-November. If anyone else has any events Massey should get involved in, contact David Driscole on

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