Fruit and vegetable co-op trial coming to Wellington

By Jamie-Lee Bracken

As of 2018, Massey Wellington students will likely be able to pick up fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables right here on campus from as little as $12 per week.

This is thanks to an initiative by the Massey Wellington Students’ Association (MAWSA) and Massey University staff.

Earlier this year, the association announced it was looking at providing a fruit and vegetable co-op to students and staff.

The co-op would allow participants to pick up newly packaged fresh fruit and veges on campus for just $12 a week.

With the help of Massey staff, a trial of the co-op will take place mid way through next semester and more than 130 people have already expressed an interest.

The trial will take place thanks to a partnership between the university and the Eastern Suburbs Fruit and Vege Co-op.

As part of the trial, students will pay directly to the well-established eastern suburbs co-op through the Massey website. Fruit and veges will then be brought back to MAWSA by staff to be collected by students.

Campus Co-Lab host, Anna Lees, is involved in the project.

She says it will be an easily accessible way for students to get affordable fruit and vegetables.

Lees says depending on how much people typically eat, the fruit and vegetables on average can feed two people for a week.

The co op has had a lot of interest, says Lees, and MAWSA would eventually like to get student volunteers to assist in the packing and distribution.

For more information, head to the MAWSA website,



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