Flatfish reeling in Wellington renters

As Wellington’s renting market explodes and the student population grows in size, it’s a wonder why an app like Flatfish, dedicated to ‘helping you rent happy’, seems to be running in a one horse race.

Currently spreading their gills as an up-and-coming tech company, they intend to provide Wellingtonians with an intermediate platform between landlords and renters – a platform which manages communication, where a get-shit-done attitude is a must.

Tal Meser, co-founder of Flatfish, sat down to have a chat with Massive and told us how they intend to change the way students rent forever.

“[By] Having ratings and tradies on our platform, it enables us to provide a good service for the landlords and the tenants… we can create this thing that not only empowers the landlords but the tenants as well”, says Meser.

Flatfish as a whole hopes to create a service platform that will change the way the market is perceived, and as a young team of four Flatfish told Massive:

“I mean we’re in a really good place to help out because who doesn’t know someone who hasn’t had a bad experience flatting, y’know?”

Communications student Katie Todd spoke to Massive, stating that the idea of a service like this takes a big weight off the minds of well-seasoned flatters.

“I think this service is absolutely necessary. I hate feeling like I’m not a respectable human being because my property managers neglect to recognise my basic human rights.

“I’m looking forward to a better renting future for other Wellington students”, Todd told Massive.

Communications student Maeve Ryan also had positive things to say when asked if she would use a service such as Flatfish.

“I think the app is a great idea because lots of tenants don’t know actually know their rights when it comes to renting and lots of landlords walk all over tenants and do naughty things”, Ryan told Massive.

Flatfish told Massive that they hope to be the go-between, making communication the first step in resolving flatting issues for both renters and landlords alike.

“[We] are trying to create something that will change the way the market is perceived, for both landlords and tenants. We want to create a way for everyone to have an experience they deserve.

“For us it’s exciting… anyone who wants to join in and become part of this journey with us could help us potentially make a big change. It’s basically all about the support of the people we work with.”

If you want to find out how to get involved, you can contact them via their facebook page @flatfishtheapp or go straight to the source by jumping on their website at

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