March 23, 2020
Issue 03 2020

Students' Guide to Albany Eateries

With cooking abilities that extend to heating up two-minute noodles and burning toast, I have had my fair share of meals on the Albany Campus. In my final year, I would like to impart some of my wisdom onto my fellow students so I can graduate assured that StudyLink’s support went towards something fruitful (albeit not my degree).

Food for Thought

Location: Student Central

Rating: 6/10

Serving cafeteria-style meals at $10.50 alongside a curious assortment of muffins and pastries, Food for Thought is a bit of a hit or miss. Top meals include lasagne or mac and cheese, and the wedges with sour cream are always exhilarating. Once you surpass the swamp of first-years living in student accommodation (they can be identified by their obnoxious lanyards holding only their room key), then Food for Thought is a solid dining location. The staff may even let you take an extra marshmallow with your hot chocolate, and the coffee is always served quickly and deliciously.

Browse Café

Location: Level 1, Library

Rating: 6/10

Browse café is yet another staple in the Massey student diet, offering cabinet food that includes overpriced but tasty toasted sandwiches. It also makes an excellent spot to camp out while you’re pretending to study in the library. Browse provides a good view of the students coming in and out of the library and is always a great location to eavesdrop on your fellow student’s gossip (accidentally of course!).

Campus Kebab

Location: Quadrangle B, South Kiosk

Rating: 6.5/10

Kebabs. Need I say more? Campus Kebab is a good investment if you have a long lunch break between lectures or need some protein before hitting the gym. Quite pricey for university food and the salads can be a tad dry. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this place as a frequent location, but if you’re really craving chicken then the kebabs can hit the spot.

Sushi Lounge

Location: Quadrangle B, North Kiosk

Rating: 7/10

You can’t go wrong with sushi, a healthier option for your suffering student palate. Good location to grab lunch on-the-go and all of your classmates will be jealous when you whip out sushi in the ten-minute lecture break.

Fan Expresso (Coffee Caravan)

Location: Quadrangle North Courtyard

Rating: 8/10

This caravan coffee cart can often go unnoticed in its humble position outside the Quadrangle buildings, but this is not a barista to be overlooked. Serving piping hot, delicious coffee to overworked students, the only downsides to Fan Expresso is that it’s overpopulated with professors complaining about students needing extensions – and that student is often you.

Scholars Café

Location: Recreation Centre

Rating: 10/10

The absolute crème de la crème; Scholars café is the elixir of life at Massey University. Providing service with a smile and ‘Roma’ coffee that could motivate even the laziest of flatmates to stick to the cleaning roster, Scholars will revive and resuscitate you with their delicious eggs benedict, soothing classical music and delightful décor.

The Ferguson Bar

Location: University Avenue (Below the Recreation Centre)

Rating: 7.5/10

Another overlooked eatery. While the Ferg is frequented for drinks on a Thursday night, it also holds great potential as a dining location. With their $5 pizza deal on Tuesday afternoons, there is truly nothing better than a pint/pizza combo after a day of lectures.

Oteha Rohe Café

Location: Building 98, Oaklands Road, Oteha Rohe Campus

Rating: 6.5/10

Serving fast-food style meals with the option of cabinet food and coffee, this eatery is a nice place to study and catch up with friends. As the only eatery on the Oteha Rohe Campus, however, the wait time can be pretty bad. I wouldn’t recommend the Oteha Rohe café for short breaks between class – maybe bring a packed lunch instead.

ASA Sausage Sizzles

Location: Outside Student Central

Rating: 11/10

It’s a rare occurrence, but when an ASA Sausage Sizzle crops up, you best believe I’ll be there. Free food, yarns with the Exec team and you’ll always receive the right sausage-to-sauce ratio. Nothing fills my darkened soul with more delight than walking out of SNW and seeing that ASA has cracked open the BBQ and donned those bright green shirts. Pure ecstasy.