June 3, 2019
Massive Issue 01 2019

Pet of the Week

This is Binah.

Binah is the Hebrew word for “understanding”.

Binah is turning 6 months old and she understands a lot,

but she’ll still do what she knows she shouldn’t be doing sometimes.

She’s a rebel like that. When she was even tinier,

she looked like a cow with a piggy run, bat-face and mouse ears.

Being a fox terrier, Binah has tireless energy. Her favorite thing is rolling on the lawn, sniffing through tall grass and flower bushes like a detective.

She gets cold very easily, so she likes to sit in front of the fireplace or a radiator for a long time. When Binah yawns, she makes a little chirpy bird sound; it’s very adorable.

She’s a highly focused individual: When she’s got her eyes on something, she’ll never move away from it. You can distract her all you like, wheelbarrow her hind legs, poke her, squish her, she’ll come right back to her original task.

Binah is super social and friendly towards everyone she sees.When we go on a walk, many people ask to pet her and hold her. And Binah produces a lot of giggles and bring laughter to many people she comes across.

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