April 16, 2018
Issue 3 2018

How to find your perfect match

We all know there are plenty of fish in the sea and there is also plentyoffish.com, a reputable dating site since 2003. Despite plenty of fish and as well as sites like match.com and eHarmony being tried and true methods of finding the one, a lot of young singles turn to the newer and simpler Tinder to find a special someone. A simple swipe or two and you’ve got a match who you may or may not ever talk to. In this technology age however, it’s all about new, exciting, and shiny, so what other apps are out there, that can peak our dating interest?


If you’re wanting a newer but familiar app, Bumble has been making its way into the mainstream. Similar to Tinder, Bumble has the interesting twist of needing the woman to message within a 24 hour window - otherwise the match is removed. Something Bumble has that Tinder doesn’t offer is the specific option to look for friendship if that’s what you’re after. You can switch between both romance and friendship quite easily and even specify a profile for each.


Second year student Matilda has had her fair share of bumble experiences, saying, “I’ve honestly never met up with someone, but it’s kind of fun,” so take that as you will.


Although Bumble and Tinder both have the option, if you’re a wlw or a mlm there are apps out there specifically for both communities. Her has a feeling of Facebook for LGBT+ women, with a large focus on creating friendships and a place to make both small and large scale connections by also having a place to share posts not unlike Facebook’s timeline. Her is about as far as a dating app can get from Tinder, and if you’re not up for starting the conversation it will even try to get the ball rolling with suggested conversation topics. For any LGBT+ men out there, there is always the option of Grindr, which has seemed to always have a big reputation. Having won multiple awards, it’s probably worth a shot if it’s what you’re looking for.


All these dating apps may just be a bit too Tinder-esque and you might be wanting something very specific in your quest to find true love. You might specifically be needing something to fit in with your crazy exercise focused lifestyle. Sweatt has you covered, however, you must enter a wait list as it is rather new and still in testing. I wish I could say more, but I’m still on that waitlist myself so you might want to wait a bit unless you really want to get in on the ground floor for some fitness fun.


Alternatively, if you’re less about the gym and more about your Spotify, Tastebuds is a dating app which makes matches based around people’s music tastes. Tastebuds asks you to select favourite artists and select a song that will play when a potential match views your profile. The songs and artists you can pick isn’t incredibly broad, but it’s enough to get a good idea of what your match is into. It employs the same basic functionality of Tinder however, it’s not a subtle app when your matches song choice plays without any notice. “Cool concept, but no one uses it. Like six guys showed up and had nothing to do with my music interest, just six guys in the area. Also, the app shows you who has viewed your profile which I didn’t know until I stalked all six people, so that was embarrassing,” says short time user Lauren. So, maybe it could rival Tinder some day, but not any time soon.


Tinder would never be where you’d turn to maybe try and suss all that debt that’s getting you down. But, there is always a place for you on seekingarrangement.com. Seeking Arrangements is an average website and a hard to use app which helps to set up potential sugar babies with potential sugar daddies and vice versa. The site saw a large growth in activity in New Zealand two years ago. And with growing student debt, it might not be the worst idea, but it’s probably not the best.


Maybe Tinder, Seeking Arrangement, and all these other apps just aren’t political enough, look I hear you. You’re someone who finds a real thrill in online dating when you just know that everyone shares the exact same opinions. If this is the case you can always turn to the up and coming trump.dating.com, but only if you’re a straight man or woman. Don’t get too eager though, if you want to send a special someone anything more than a wink it’ll cost you a minimum of $13.95 a month and your dignity.


When asked why she used dating apps, Veronica she’s lonely. She then admitted that she uses them because everyone else does, and that the introduction of apps like Tinder takes away the scenario where people approach each other in real life like the good ol’ days, so the best chance to find a date is online. Veronica also liked that it takes the guess work out of early dating. “A lot of apps match according to interests, and in real life it’s harder to find similarities.” If she had to pick Veronica said that at the end of the day her choice would be Tinder. “Everyone’s on it and it’s so easy to use, even a monkey could use it. Quote me on that.” However, it’s not all matches and sexy tinder dates, if she has one fault with the app it’s when people have one photo and no bio. “They could be good looking, but I don’t know anything about you, could be literally anyone. Someone literally used Hugh Grant as a catfish, I know Hugh Grant.”