July 30, 2018
Issue 8 2018

Massive Magazine presents the best CHEAP EATS near your campus

Want a delicious feed but only have a cheeky $10 in your pocket? Massive has got you sorted. Our reporters have compiled some of their favourite places to eat from all three of Massey’s campuses across the country.


Capital Market – Experience the flavours of the world at Capital Market on Willis Street. A crisp $10 note will get you far here with a mixing pot of cuisines to choose from. Massive recommends the popcorn chicken from Miss Kangsta (bonus it’s gluten free, in fact the whole menu is) or a Vietnamese banh mi from Where’s Charlie. There is also a variety of curries, tacos and even pizza to choose from. Even better the food court is open for lunch and dinner so make a move.

Katsu Chicken – Ask anyone the best way to stretch $10 and they will tell you to look no further than a bowl of katsu chicken from One Sushi. Even better, you will find these sushi shops jotted all around the city. The closest to Massey’s Wellington campus is on Courtenay Place. Insider tip, for an extra 50 cents you can swap out rice for noodles. Delicious! Katsu not your thing? Don’t fret, as you can probably guess One Sushi also has a scrumptious variety of sushi to choose from, which starts at just $1 for a piece.

Preservatorium – This one is just a stone’s throw away from the Wellington campus, so it’s easy to round up a group of friends and head there for lunch. On a Tuesday you can nab yourself a burger AND fries for just $10, it’s a Burger Blitz! Burger flavours change up every week, you can check out what’s on offer on the cafe’s Facebook page. If burgers aren’t your thing there is also a delicious variety of cabinet food to choose from.

Satay Kingdom – You can’t count yourself as a true Wellingtonian until you have grabbed a meal from Satay Kingdom, which is located on Left Bank off Cuba Street. This is another place that isn’t too far from campus and residential halls. Best part is most things on the menu are dirt cheap. They might lack in price but they certainly don’t lack in flavour. The roti chenai is delicious and comes with loads of roti bread to mop up that delicious curry sauce.

Auntie Mena’s Vegetarian – Perfect for all you vegans and vegetarians Aunty Mena’s is a popular spot on upper Cuba Street. It has some of the capital’s very best veggie and vegan food so is worth checking out - even meat eaters will enjoy the delicious menu. Make sure to try the veggie nuggets and pick up one of the delicious curries on offer. Aunty Mena’s proves vegetarian food doesn’t have to be boring.


Scholars Cafe - The peaceful Haven of Scholars Cafe is a stark contrast to its neighbour, the campus pub.  You are welcomed by classical music and greetings from some of the loveliest cafe staff you may ever have encountered.  Honestly, these ladies can brighten the day of any stressed student, never failing to be warm and kind.  On to the cheap part. You can get a coffee and as well as a selected cabinet item for only $6.  The coffee doesn’t even have to be a small size, and while the cabinet options are mostly muffins (which are fluffy and delicious), there are still a variety of more substantial options like a sausage roll.  As far as standard coffee prices go, this means you are getting a food item for $1.50, which is some serious value for money. You can find Scholars in the side entry to the Recreation Centre. 

Cafe Torte Deli - If you venture into Albany Village near the Engineering Campus, you will bump into the ultimate cheap eat, Cafe Torte Deli. You get a regular sized coffee for $3.50, saving a solid dollar for an above par flat white. The real bang for your buck though is their $10 Eggs Benedict, a price that in no way diminishes its deliciousness or how much bacon they put on your plate. In so many other places, the addition of hollandaise sauce turns $7 eggs on toast into a $25 situation tainted with bank account guilt. That’s why Cafe Torte Deli is the ultimate student treat-yourself.

Sushi Lounge - Starting at just $1.20 per piece, you can get a decent lunch under $10 from the Sushi Lounge. For their size, they have a good variety of sushi types including tofu and eel, and they do a delicious miso soup (in a regular size coffee cup) for just $2. While sushi outlets are usually rather reasonably priced anyway, the convenient location of the Sushi Lounge means you save money by not having to venture far from your classes. You can find the Sushi Lounge between both of the Quad buildings, and directly on the way to the Massey Business School, making it the perfect pre-class lunch.

Albany Village Bakery and Cafe - Another contender for the loveliest customer service are the friendly couple in the Albany Village Bakery and Cafe. The highlight of their offerings are their $4.50 pies, a crispy, flavoursome experience that leaves servo pies in their shadow.  They also have a variety of sandwiches for under $10, and a reasonably priced dine-in menu that includes a flavoursome burger range.  No matter whether you order above or below the $10 mark at this bakery, quality food is guaranteed, making it clear why it’s the go-to for the Engineering Students on the campus next door.


Wharerata - Tired of dining hall food? Want to switch it up a little bit without blowing the budget? Wharerata Cafe is Massey Manawatu’s hidden gem, nestled amongst the rose gardens near the Registry building. Not only do they make the best coffee on campus, they have a generous buffet available. Fill up your plate from a wide range of options, whether you want a hot meal, sushi, vegetables or more. Otherwise there’s plenty of tasty cabinet food to go for, including scones, quiches and pies. Opening hours are from 8am to 3.30 pm.

The MUSA Shop -The MUSA shop is a go to for pies, sandwiches, paninis, and other classic winter warmers, and it’s right in the middle of campus on concourse, a good jogging distance away from most lecture theatres. Croissant runs during class breaks are sure to sustain you for hours. If you’re after something sweet, the wide range of bars and cookies are always a great option and a great energy boost for those late lectures. Most of these options range from $5 to $8 if you’re looking for a quick hunger fix, and word on campus is that the vegan pies are popular and particularly tasty.

Saigon Corner - Visit Saigon Corner on 54 Princess Street in Palmerston North for tasty, cheap and nutritious street food style Vietnamese cuisine. The banh mi Vietnamese baguette is always a great option, with a range of options like roast pork belly, grilled chicken, lemongrass beef, fish cake and tofu – all for only $8.50 each. There’s also grilled pork or chicken sticky rice available for only $10.50 (so just a little over $10) and a whole range of noodle salads, or soups for those cold winter days.

Turkish Delight - Turkish Delight on 15 Fitzherbert Ave is a classic choice for kebabs, pitas or a full Turkish spread. I would not recommend the “Gunpowder” combination of sauces on your kebab, but they’re packed full of flavour and will do the job of keeping away colds due to the amount of garlic in the hummus. Or go for a delicious open pita and be prepared for it to fall apart in a delicious mess as you eat, whether you go for chicken, beef or the classic lamb. Also, if you’re a falafel fan then this is the place for you.